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The K Bar Pro's unique design, with freely rotating straps on each end, forces you to slow down each repetition and activate more muscles.  

With kettlebells hung from each strap, you will immediately feel the instability of the weights as you begin the repetitions.  The straps can be adjusted to 5 levels of difficulty - the longer the straps, the more unstable the weights will be, requiring even more balance and control throughout the full range of motion to prevent the weights from swinging.


This controlled workout increases the muscle intensity by engaging more muscle fibres and switching on the smaller stabilising muscles.  Your core will automatically activate as you notice the body trying to remain balanced and maintain control during the entire repetition.  

Perfect for strength training, injury prevention, or rehabilitation, the K Bar Pro is the newest innovation to help you find that extra 10%.  Try for yourself and witness the benefits!




Activate your core and strengthen smaller, neglected muscles



Balancing the kettlebells gives you extra focus for your workouts



Enforced control intensifies your workout with slow repetitions

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Enhanced Muscle Control

Traditional pieces of equipment can neglect the activation of smaller muscle groups, leading to imbalances and limited progress in the body. The K Bar Pro challenges you to maintain precise control throughout every movement in order to avoid the kettlebells from swinging. We force these often neglected muscles to engage, fostering well-rounded development and stability.


Technique Takes Centre Stage

We have found that proper technique is often compromised for speed and volume while training. With the K Bar Pro technique reigns supreme. The deliberate, controlled movements required by our barbell ensure that each rep is executed with precision. The focus on form not only minimises the risk of injury but maximises the effectiveness of every repetition.


Increase Time Under Tension

Muscle growth and strength gains thrive when muscles are kept under tension for longer periods. Traditional equipment often fails to provide this sustained tension. The K Bar Pro however keeps your muscles engaged throughout the entire range of motion. This prolonged time under tension triggers greater hypertrophy, leading to faster and more substantial results.

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